Legal translation

Legal translation must be meticulous and cannot be open to interpretation. We have lots of experience in the translation of these texts and are familiar with the legal language.

Does this sound familiar?

“My statement of case has to be translated into French.”

“I need a Dutch translation of some HR documents for a French-speaking client. Can you do it for me?”

“I need a French version of my GDPR and privacy policy.”

“This contract should be in English.”

“I need a German version of my terms and conditions of sale for a new web shop.”

“I’m buying a flat in Spain and want to know what it says in the deed of sale. Can you give me a Dutch version?”


Yes, of course!

Click here, complete the form and attach the document. I’ll give you the price and the turnaround time. Simply sign it and send it back, and I’ll get started with your order.

Looking for a translator? We can help with the translation of:

  • contracts, employment contracts
  • statements of case
  • deeds of sale
  • tenders
  • GDPR and privacy policy statements

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