General translation

Does this sound familiar?

“This report on employment discrimination has to go from French into Dutch.”

“We need an urgent translation of this survey into Dutch.”

“We have a job vacancy. It needs to be advertised in French.”

“I need my menu in German, English and French.”

“I want to attract Dutch speakers to the museum’s new, temporary exhibition in Lille and would like to have some information translated into Dutch. Can you help us?”

Yes, we'd love to!

Click here, complete the form and attach the document. I’ll give you the price and the turnaround time. Simply sign it and send it back, and I’ll get started with your order.

We have the right people in place for your:

  • social themes: poverty, debt and debt mediation, exclusion, racism, discrimination (employment, housing, education), migration, persons with disabilities
  • management, HR: invitations, emails, letters, personnel ads, internal communication, blogs
  • events communication: press releases, invitations
  • tourism and gastronomy: brochures, guides, menus, cookery books
  • museums, art and design: catalogues, exhibition captions, audio guides, guided tours
  • communication: advertising copy, blog copy, surveys
  • education: vision statements, education congress reports
  • music and performance art: invitations, texts
  • publishers’: monographs (Umicore), historical reference works, tourist guides, cookery books, educational publications

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