Looking for a professional translator? Are you writing a text, but unsure about the spelling, grammar or writing style? Our specialised translators are highly experienced professionals. This is your assurance of a flawless, clear and fluent text in most Western and Eastern European languages.

Anyone who takes this profession seriously engages professional translators who translate into their native language only.

What sets BV Projects apart is tailored client service. With over 25 years of experience I know just the right person for the job and can engage the best and most suitable translators.

At BV Projects your work isn’t auctioned off to the lowest bidder or farmed out to the translation forums, but always placed with the right man or woman for the job. This gives the added benefit of continuity. What if you have a similar piece of work? I can guarantee translation by the same person.

Yes, person, because BV Projects is run in line with H2H principles – by and for people. True professionals who place their brains, experience and knowledge at your disposal. Translation is simply know-how + work.

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Translation by native speakers

By using experienced translators and native speakers we guarantee a high- quality text that conveys every nuance. We match you with the ideal translator for your wishes and requirements, depending on the content of the text. Our translators know exactly how to deal with the finer points, the trade jargon and the different shades of meaning. And our proof-readers check every text before it is sent to you.

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Types of translation

BV Projects translates legal, general and technical documents to and from most Western and Eastern European languages.

Dutch (nl), German (de), English (en), France (fr), Spanish (es), Italians (it), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Hungarian (hu), Romanian (ro), Czech (cs), Slovenian (sl), Bulgarian (bg), Croatian (hr), Danish* (da), Finnish (fi), Norwegian* (no), Swedish* (sv), Chinese (zh)

(some languages only from English*)

Can we help with a project you have in mind? Get in touch with us.

Can we help with a project you have in mind? Get in touch with us.